Dune: #inktober art challenge

Using traditional materials

In my previous #inktober post I vowed to take up the challenge to draw in the ‘old fashioned way’ (as opposed to digital art on my iPad!) and go and rummage in an old cupboard drawer and see what traditional tools I could find lying therein discarded, untouched, and unused for ages!
Well, I did it!

Here is a pic of them laid out all tidy and organised (ahem) just as the founder of Inktober Jake Parker suggests one should do. Please note, my iPad is nowhere in sight!

Assortment of drawing equipment | Photo: Lesley Scoble

As you can see, I discovered quite a few of my old traditional drawing equipment hidden in the cupboard (It took me the best part of a day to find and sort out all these old materials and tools!). There are brushes and pens and inks that haven’t seen the light of day for a very long time! Also, on the table is my trusty tin of ‘use them all the time’ Inktense pencils (I love them nearly as much as the iPad!).

Among my cache I find an interesting glass dip pen that I bought at some craft fair way back when, and a bottle of Windsor and Newton black ink for today’s drawing. I would have liked to try diluting the ink to make a wash for the sea and sky but it says on the bottle to use distilled water (don’t have any) so for the wash, I used the charcoal grey Inktense pencil instead.
The rest of the equipment in the photo is just there for show!

Getting my hands dirty

I enjoyed getting my hands dirty using the unusual glass ‘forgotten about’ dip pen that I found amongst my old drawing stuff at the back of the cupboard!
In my hand it feels cool and… ‘glassy’ as I dip it into the ink pot. The paper I am using is a watercolour paper and probably rougher than I would like. Nonetheless, I am pleased at the first few strokes—I even like the unintentional blots it leaves on the surface! I like the pen having a mind of its own!
Now, if that had happened on the iPad I would most likely have clicked undo!

Glass dip pen | Photo: Lesley Scoble

It was nice dipping back into using an ‘old fashioned dip pen’ and I fully intend to use it again on another of the prompts before the end of the Inktober 2020 art challenge.


Dune | Ink drawing | Lesley Scoble

I chose to draw a coastal landscape of Llanmadoc, Wales, for the #Day 13 prompt word ‘Dune’. The beaches there are so beautiful with magnificent sand dunes.

Dune (detail) | pen and ink | Lesley Scoble

The drawing recalls a time from a happy family holiday. I remember clambering and sliding down the sandy path to catch up with my boys (they are the tiny figures in the distance on the beach) to the sound of the glorious song of the Skylarks that were soaring up and down from within the dunes.

I recall a song,
Sorry, not a song
But its tunes.
I makes me feel what water does,
in never-ending sand dunes.

Aditya Mankad

Inktober Prompt List

With all good intentions, after drawing #Day 9’s ‘Throw’ I had planned to sketch the next subject on the prompt list—but with the length of time the searching and sorting inking materials had taken me, I decided against drawing ‘Disgusting’. Apart from anything else, I couldn’t think of anything disgusting I wanted to draw! ‘Slippery’ slipped by me too, so ‘Dune’ was the next choice for me on the list!

Armour #Day 14

At the time of writing it is now #Day 14 of the #inktober art challenge, which means that today’s subject is ‘Armour’. Hmmmm, I’m not sure if I have time to draw that…

I’ve also got a nice set of Faber Castell drawing ink pens that I might find the time to use to sketch a ‘Storm’ (#Day 17) with…or ‘Hide’ (#Day 26)…or ‘Shoes’ (#Day 29)…

I’m sorry I missed drawing the #Day 3 prompt word ‘Bulky’ — I could have done a drawing of my partner Andrew for that! (Shhhh Don’t tell him I said that! 😁)

Got to go now, as I have a drawing to do!

keep well and stay safe


  1. It’s really interesting how the tools you use can make you create something in different ways. The Dune ink picture looks really good so looking forward to seeing bulky, no hang on what was it? oh yeah Stormy!

    Liked by 1 person

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