Dawn Comes Through an Open Window: a poem

Dawn comes through an open window | Photo: Lesley Scoble
The clock doth chime
the early hour;
my throat is dry
my mouth tastes sour
I yawn and stretch my arms aloft
Upward t’ward the lofty loft
where I hear a raven cry

At the open window
The curtain wafts and breathes				
A soughing sigh
The leaves on boughs of trees	
shuffle in a slow dance 
To make
A rustling 
Across the sill 
on the scented breeze
Of lavender,
And dill.

A summer shower
Gifts fresh water pearls on the glass
and early morning 
dew upon the grass

Hark, I hear a singing lark!
It is ever long       
I heard this bird
and its song

In the misty breath of dawn
last night’s fright mares
Are foresworn

fearful dreams 
bloodless screams 
Now seem silly.

The fragrant dawn blows through the casement—
The riven night 
And goblins of the dark
Banished to the basement. 

Lesley Scoble    October 2022
My poem, Dawn Comes Through an Open Window, is in response to Shay’s Garden Word . 
The brief was to use at least three words from a themed list of twenty. To create an original poem influenced by the works of the Victorian poet Christina Rossetti (She is at the top of my list of great poets!). I cannot expect to do her poems any justice, but it is a joy using her genius as inspiration.

Please follow the link to Shay’s Garden Word


  1. Ah, sweet relief of the coming day. Those disturbed nights are the worst and it all does seem to melt away and become calm as soon as the light shows through the curtains. Thanks for being a part of the List!

    –Shay/Fireblossom (I am coalblack on WP)

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