November: an acrostic poem

This week for Ben Alexander’s Skeptic Kaddish W3 weekly prompt, the poet Paula Light of Light Motifs II has prompted us to write an acrostic poem with the word November. 

What is an acrostic poem? It is a poem where each line begins with a letter from the chosen word to spell it in the vertical. For example, the first line begins with the first letter of the word. Then the second line begins with the second letter of the word, and so on. Easy! No? It’s great fun! You should try it if you haven’t done one before. This is my first ever acrostic. I had so much fun, so I don’t reckon it will be my last.


November: an acrostic poem by Lesley Scoble | November 2022

To stroll through a woodland in November with the soft crisp susurration of fallen autumn leaves underfoot is a natural joy. An outdoor playful pastime that I’ve loved ever since childhood. 

Film clip: I take a walk through November leaves in Burnham Beeches Wood.
(should you want to hear the leaves, turn on the sound)

“November is when to walk in woodland glades
On orange beds of fallen leaves in natural
Verisimilar violet shades—“

L.S. November 2022
Film clip: Stream in Burnham Beeches Wood.
(should you want to hear the stream, turn on the sound)

“By flicking leaves ahead—swoosh in to the stream
Every one becomes a tiny boat
Floating round your dream”

L.S. November 2022
My thanks to Ben Alexander Skeptic Kaddish W3 weekly prompt and Paula’s Prompt for the inspiration and encouragement to write my NOVEMBER acrostic poem.

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