Somewhere Under the Rainbow: haiku

To write one haiku is hard enough. To write two haiku harder still, but to write at least three? 
The prompt for this week from the Poet of the Week Aishwarya for W3 Prompt #30: Wea’ve Written Weekly is to write a Chain Verse (Chain Verse? What’s that!?) using at least Haikus; and use the word “mother” in your poem. (Oh, mother!). Anyway, if you are reading this, it means I’ve had the gall to have a go at the sublime art of Haiku! Oh, and in chain verse. Did I mention the chain verse?

Wild sea at Normans Bay | iPhone Photo: Lesley Scoble

A winter’s rainbow
bows before mother nature
in prismatic awe

Awesome wrath of seas
Seasoned by sea salt and surf
Surfacing the earth

On windswept shorelines
Lines of tidal ebb and flow 
Flowerless Seaweed 

                      Waves foaming fearsome				
Somewhere under the rainbow
there’s sunken treasure

L. S. November 2022

Winter rainbow over the sea at Normans Bay | Photo: Lesley Scoble

During winter, rainbows are less visible than in summer. They appear paler. Less daylight isn’t conducive to the spectacle. The conditions necessary to make the phenomenon noticeable are better during the longer days of summer.

To learn more fascinating stuff about the rainbow, please visit The Naturalist Weekly website.

My thanks to Aisshwarya and David Ben Alexander for the poetry prompt.

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