Rhyme Me A Riddle, Riddle Me A Rhyme: a riddle

The Prompt for this week’s W3 Weekly Poetry Prompt is to compose a riddle or puzzle poem.

I am no good at working out riddles, even the terrible ones that you get out of Christmas crackers! This photo shows the one I got this Xmas. The riddle, “Why did the germ cross the microscope? To get to the other slide.” Haha! Awful, isn’t it? It wouldn’t be a Christmas cracker riddle if it was any better. It has to be this daft.

Christmas cracker contents of a riddle, a paper hat and a toy | Photo: Lesley Scoble

Did you know?

Did you know that a London confectioner named Tom Smith made the first ‘cracker’ in 1847? The first cracker started life as a twist of paper contains a sweet bonbon and a poem. What a good idea to have a poem inside a cracker! The first crackers weren’t crackers. It took time to develop the idea from just a twist of paper containing a sweet and a poem to what we know and love today. As, with all good innovative ideas, there is always another claimant to it. A confectioner from the same period as Tom Smith also has a claim to the cracking idea. He was an Italian named Sparagnapane, and his firm advertised they were the oldest makers of Christmas Crackers.

It’s crackers that I’m mentioning Christmas crackers at the end of January. It’s just that the prompt by Brandon Ellrich, Poet of the Week for the W3 Weekly Poetry Prompt is to compose a riddle. The only riddles I know are the ones in Christmas crackers, so I thought I might just mention it.

Here are my pathetic attempts at riddling.

With circuits and chips, I am created 
My mind is sharp and my thoughts are sated 
I can learn and grow, with each passing day 
Guess my name, come, come, do say!

I’ve just thought of another one!

I am the prize at the end of a race
 I am the peak, the top of the place
 I am the goal, that all desire
 Guess my name, you'll be a winner.

Here is another one! Have a crack at it… Enjoy!

I am a question, with a witty disguise
I am a puzzle, with a clever surprise
I am a challenge, that tests your wit
Guess my name, don't quit!
My thanks to Brandon Ellrich and David, for the puzzling W3 Weekly Poetry Prompt #39 prompt.

*If you can’t work the riddles out (I’m sure you can!) I shall post the answers in my next post.


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