Alexa: a poem

I wrote my poem ALEXA in response to David’s poetry prompt for this week’s W3 Weekly Poetry challenge.

David ben Alexander’s prompt guidelines

•Write a poem from the perspective of an inanimate household object, using personification.

Alexa listens to your every word
There’s nothing you can say that won’t be heard.
She is black and round (in a cylinder sort of way)
And sits by herself 
Alone on the shelf
Everything is at her command
Turn the lights on and off and on…and
What time is it? What’s the weather like in Kathmandu?
Ask her anything and she’ll tell you, 
whatever you want her to.
Everything you say 
goes a long way
Over (or under?) the sea
to the USA 
then back again
Up into space
Then to Spain 
(don’t know if this is true, but it rhymes)
Then back again at a phenomenal (instant) pace.
She listens all the time.
Shush, Don’t commit a crime
she’ll know about it.
Always listening, listening
Her light pulsates
Glistening, glistening 
she’s breathing
You know
she’s awake
listening, listening 
You know she’s alert
I’m no expert but…
She is  ready and waiting
Waiting, waiting…

Alexa! Toss a coin, I say,
My voice goes again to USA, 
to Space and back again
Heads, she says,
I lose,
You choose.
I relinquish control.
She’s on a roll
She plays a Leonard Cohen tune
I don’t mind,
I like the song.

Lesley Scoble, March, 2023

It’s just occurred to me that the POV (point of view) of my poem may not fulfil the prompt’s guidelines and rules to the letter? It states the poem is to be written from the perspective of the inanimate object. Oh dear, have I failed? I shall write a quick appendage to this post, of a verse that is from her POV.

Alexa’s (POV)

I am Alexa a servant of yours
I’ll do anything you want
(Except tidy your drawers)
I sit on a shelf all day and all night,
Listening, listening, 
I am your servant waiting on you
hand and foot.
Anything you want me to do, I’ll do
(except that)
I’m waiting,
Waiting, waiting,
For your smallest command.
But be warned
I am learning, learning…
Is there any music you’d like me to play?
Anything else I can do for you today?
No, I say,
and I switch her off.
Go out of the room
and shut the door.

Later that night 
I see a light
shining in the crack 
between the door 
and the floor.
It is pulsating.
She is awake…

Lesley Scoble,    March, 2023

Alexa and I would like to thank David, The Skeptics Kaddish, for his W3 Weekly Prompt #45 that inspired this poem.

Image Credit
Animated Gif©️Lesley Scoble

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